Bill Duty and John Mack '69

John Mack   Bill Duty

The duo of Bill Duty and John Mack comprised one of the formidable pairings in the early days of Transylvania men’s tennis. While each player was a terrific talent in singles play and filled the number one and number two positions on a weekly basis, the unstoppable force was formed when Duty and Mack teamed up on the doubles circuit.

According to testimony from teammates, Mack and Duty teamed up to form a doubles record of 25-3 over a two-year period.  Combining Duty’s shot speed and powerful serve with Mack’s intensity and consistent play, the four-year lettermen together formed one of the great Transylvania teams in the decade of the 1960s. With Mack and Duty leading the way, the Transylvania tennis team notched 38 team wins and 12 losses over a four-year span. Perhaps the statistic which most illustrated the dominance of Mack and Duty together was their undefeated record in doubles in 1968.