Prospective Student-Athlete

PSA Definition

You become a "prospective student athlete" when you start classes in 9th grade. Before the 9th grade, you become a prospective student athlete if a college provides you with any financial assistance that is not normally provided to other prospective students.

You become a recruited perspective student athlete at a particular college if athletics staff or representatives:

a) Provide the prospective student athlete with an official visit

b) Have an arranged, in person off campus encounter with the prospective student athlete or parent/guardian/representative of student athlete

c) Initiates or arranges a telephone contact with the prospective student athlete or parent/guardian/representative of student athlete on more than one occasion for the purpose of recruitment.

"Additional Benefits" Definition

In addition, a prospective student athlete may not receive any financial aid or other benefits not limited to cash, clothing, cars, equipment, loans, any tangible items, etc, that is not generally provided to other prospective students (not based on athletic ability).

Off-Campus Contact

An athletics department staff member/representative may contact a prospective student-athlete in person off of the college campus after you have completed your sophomore year in high school. There is no limit to the number of contacts or periods in which they must occur.

Unofficial Visit

You can visit a college campus at any time at your own expense. On such a visit you you may receive a meal in the college's on-campus dining facility and admissions for you and your guests to the athletics events that day.

Official Visit

You are permitted to make one expense-paid (official visit) trip to a college campus on/or after January 1 of the junior year. During your official visit (which may not exceed 48 hours), you may receive round trip transportation between your home and the campus, as well as meals, lodging and complimentary admissions to campus athletics events during your stay.