7-10 Year-Olds: 100y Swim + 1km Run

11-17 Year-Olds: 200y Swim + 2km Run

*Note: USA Triathlon rules require athletes to race according to their age on 12/31/19


2019 RESULTS: Race #1  Race #2  Race #3


Have you got a pair of goggles and gym shoes?  Do you think you are the fastest kid in Central Kentucky?  Then you can do the Transy Splash ‘n’ Dash Series presented by Joule Financial.

Perfect for elite and beginner athletes alike, this short distance swim-run race series has 3 stops in the Bluegrass region: Downtown on Transylvania’s campus, the Pavilion in Georgetown, and Shillito Pool in southern Lexington.

Race #1: Downtown, April 20th

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Race #2: The Pavilion, May 11th

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Race #3: Shillito, June 16th

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 What To Expect

A first-class racing experience!  The Transy Women’s Triathlon team and Joule Financial are proud to be hosting these events.  Each race will be professionally ankle-chip timed.  Athletes’ race time will begin at the start of his/her swim and will not stop until they cross the running finish line.  Therefore, athletes must quickly transition from the swim to the run since the clock does not stop.

Athletes will be organized into heats based upon age group and gender.  Age groups are 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-18 and will be separated on gender.  Much like swim meets, the youngest age groups will race first, girls before boys. Each heat will have no more than two athletes per lane in the pool, splitting it down the middle.  And no more the 12-16 athletes per heat, depending on pool size.  A complete heat sheet and timeline will be provided 48 hours before each race.

Race t-shirts are included with each entry into each race.  Awards will be presented to the Top 3 finishers in each age group.  There will not be finishers’ medals.

What To Wear

The Race Director recommends that both boys and girls complete the entire race in a tight-fitting swimsuit that allows the athlete to both swim and run freely.  Flappy, loose suits are slow to swim in and can cause chafing while running.  Remember that your time is combined swim+transition+run, so wardrobe changes will add lots of time!

Secondly, it is highly recommended that for the race athletes replace the tie-up laces in their running shoes will elastic/bungee laces.  This will allow them to put on their shoes quickly, still have a snug fit, and not waste time tying laces.  These can be purchased at your favorite swimming or running shop.  It is also recommended that those who want to save the most time NOT wear socks as those are very hard to put on wet feet.


The Swim- each swim course will have lifeguards on duty who are trained in CPR/AED.

The Runs- The Downtown run course will be held on 4th Street, which will be completely shut down to vehicular traffic.  The Pavilion and Shillito courses are held on grass/paths that are not open to vehicles.

Generally- A Transy Athletic Trainer will also be on-site for all races to respond to any medical situations that may arise.  EMS will be notified in advance of each event and on-call.

Inclement Weather Policy

Should inclement weather force the closure of the pool, all athletes, spectators, and volunteers will be cleared from the race course and asked to take shelter in their vehicles or into a nearby indoor facility.  Once the weather threat passes, races will resume.  Any active heats that were pulled from the course will be restarted.

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A huge thank you to our title sponsor, Joule Financial.  Also, the Transylvania University Athletic Department, Georgetown-Scott County Parks and Rec, LFUCG Parks and Rec, the Lexington Hippos Triathlon Team, and the Bluegrass Triathlon Club for their help and support in putting these races on!


If you have any questions, contact race director Kevin Ryan at kryan@transy.edu.